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Our Unique Chemicals for Other Uses


Aquaserv has developed a number of specialty products that have found utility in specific industrial markets. These products have been developed over the years by Aquaserv or in conjunction with our valued manufacturing partners that offer unique solutions to specific applications. While the markets that these products are used in are not considered core industries for Aquaserv, the outstanding functionality of these products allow us to continue to offer these chemistries to our valued customers.


  • Aquaserv has developed a line of coating and release products that are used to optimize the performance of your Yankee dryer for tissue / towel production. Our coating products are designed to protect the dryer and extend blade life while the release products provide lubricity to allow effective release of the tissue / towel product. Our product line includes several products that are customized to your dryer configuration and environmental restrictions.

  • Dry strength resins provide improvement in paper tensile strength at lower paper basis weight, thus providing economic advantage at the mill. Aquaserv offers several wet end additives that can be customized to your mill requirements.



  • Glutaraldehyde possesses unique characteristics that render it one of the most effective protein crosslinking reagents. It can be present in at least 13 different forms depending on solution conditions such as pH, concentration, temperature, etc.

  • Aquaserv’s high active, alkaline-based products are formulated as degreasers and as organic cleaners for use throughout a variety of food plants. The cleaners offer superior removal of baked on oil deposits and have exceptional degreasing properties.


  • The use of glutaraldehyde in embalming operations is an excellent solution to traditional embalming problems with lowered exposure impacts. Utilizing glutaraldehyde as the primary fixative/sanitizer and formaldehyde as a secondary additive for dehydration/ hardening purposes achieves excellent overall embalming results with significant reduced exposures overall.

  • Quats are highly effective EPA registered and approved for use as cleaners, disinfectants, sanitizers, virucides, fungicides, mildewstats and deodorizers. These products meet all recommendations by the Center for Disease Control for the decontamination of surfaces contaminated with blood and body fluids. Quats are surface-active bactericides, fungicides, viricides, and deodorizers that exert a deodorizing effect with a pleasant smell.

    Metal Working

    Custom formulated product line to service a variety of metal working applications.  These cleaners are designed to improve the metal surfaces before final applications.  Typical product lines include:

    • Rinse Aids
    • Replenisher
    • Cleaners

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