Field Services

We work closely with our customers to determine proper chemistry selection. We are continuously improving our chemistries to ensure that our customers receive the most technologically advanced, results-oriented products available.

As an example, chemistries for oil and gas markets are selected based on application needs, efficacy, compatibility, and environmental parameters of the specific water source and downhole conditions. Through our manufacturing partnerships, we have the ability to supply the perfect combination of chemicals for your specific needs.


Technical Services and Laboratory Services

Aquaserv technical service utilizes a skillful blend of extensive industry experience and advanced analytical capability. In addition to our own laboratory assets, we have open access to many of our suppliers’ world-class laboratories and we use this additional resource extensively. Our sales and support staff continually strive to recognize, define, and solve our customers’ needs. We view our relationship with each of our customers as a mutually beneficial partnership, based on quality, productivity, and results.


Chemical Technology

Aquaserv technologically advanced chemistries are sure to provide solutions for your specialty chemical needs. Our chemical product lines promote flexibility and options, not set standards. Aquaserv uses a variety of national and international manufacturers to provide our customers with a true “global solution.” Our unique chemistries will ensure system control dictated by your process and product requirements. We have manufacturing and quality control procedures in place that adhere to ISO 9001-2015 guidelines.


Regulatory Services

Aquaserv is a leading provider of biocides and antimicrobial solutions that control and prevent the growth of microorganisms in a wide range of market applications. Our objective is to provide a comprehensive regulatory service to support and ensure our customers are able to market, distribute and sell biocidal products. Aquaserv’s regulatory experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with customers, suppliers, and the EPA to obtain primary and supplemental registrations. Aquaserv provides comprehensive services to assist its customers in the preparation and submission of all relevant regulatory documents.